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Manned Guarding

Who do I speak to if I want Manned Guarding?

Call Cobra Security on 028 90 832383 where a member of the team will be happy to help.

How do I know that I am getting a professional Security Officer?

All of our Security Officers are SIA Licenced and are subject to thorough screening and vetting processes before they are even considered for employment with Cobra Security.  In addition all our staff are involved in annual training and refresh courses to ensure they are up to date and fully compliant.

Where can I find more information about this service?

You can either visit the Manned Guarding section of our website or contact us for further information on 028 90 832383.

When do I need Manned Security?

Customers request Security Guards for various reasons but if you are either being targeted at present or want to deter criminal activity, Security Guards can provide a highly visible presence when required.

What if my budget won’t stretch to the Manned Guarding?

Why not consider an alternative solution such as Mobile Patrols or ask a member of our team for further advice.

What is the most common crime that Security Guards face?

Intruders in the main but vandalism and abuse are often commonplace in this line of work.  Our personnel are trained on how to deal with these incidents both professionally and efficiently when they occur so are not deterred when facing these problems.


Keyholding & Alarm Response

How does Cobra know when my alarm has gone off?

Your alarm will be monitored by our Alarm Receiving Centre who will respond to the activation by dispatching our Mobile Patrol Security Unit to your premises for further investigation.

How do I know if Cobra has attended an alarm activation?

We will complete an Activation Report before leaving which details the time, date and location of the alarm along with our findings and any additional details.

When do I need Keyholding and Alarm Response?

Most companies employ this service to avoid calling out a member of staff to site during the early hours of the morning.

Who do I call if my contact details change?

Call our Operations Administration Team on 028 90 832383 who will be able to update our system with the required information.

Who do I call during ‘out of office’ hours if I need assistance?

Our Alarm Receiving Centre operates on a 24/7 basis and can be contacted by dialling 028 90 832383.


CCTV Monitoring & Installation

Why should I have CCTV installed?

By installing CCTV you will be able to have your property monitored effectively 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by a professional company that specialises in providing this service.

How does CCTV work?

CCTV systems tend to vary dependant on budget but in simple terms; cameras that are linked to sensors located on your property send video alarms to our Alarm Receiving Centre.  Our team of Controllers will then decide what action to take to resolve the image presented to them.

Can CCTV do more than watch my site?

Yes, you can integrate your gates, lights, doors, alarm and much more.  Our Alarm Receiving Centre can operate all of these remotely to provide additional remote security.

My budget won’t stretch to the security solution that I want?

CCTV solutions can be an expensive option; with this in mind Cobra Security can offer payment solutions to ease the burden of paying for a system out right.


Cobra Site Security Beams

What are Cobra Beams?

Cobra Site Security Beam is a wireless security solution that can be installed on sites with or without a fixed power source.

How does it work?

Cobra Site Security Beams provide a secure perimeter that contacts our Alarm Receiving Centre when breached so that our Mobile Patrol Security Unit can respond accordingly to investigate further.

How do you know when it has been triggered?

A number of sensors that detect motion will be installed on the property.  They are positioned specifically so that they only detect legitimate threats and not animals, falling leaves etc.  The option of a high decibel siren on site to alert and deter intruders is also available.

My budget won’t stretch to the security solution that I want?

Call us to discuss your concerns and we will find the Security Solution that best suits your need and your budget.


Alarm Installation & Monitoring

How does alarm monitoring work?

Using the latest technologies, our Alarm Receiving Centre is set up to receive and monitor alarms from thousands of different premises.  By receiving connections via a phone line or wireless alternative, our team of Controllers can monitor alarms effectively on a continuous basis, 365 days a year.

Why should I have an alarm installed?

If you own company premises, most insurance companies won’t pay a claim related to theft if you do not have a monitored alarm already installed.  It also deters crime and alerts us when a breach is detected.

What happens if my alarm goes off and I’m not there?

Cobra Security will either contact you directly so that you can respond yourself or if you want to use our Keyholding and Alarm Response service, we can send a Mobile Patrol Security Unit to investigate further on your behalf.

Do you offer alarm maintenance?

Cobra Security provides alarm maintenance as well as most other security related services and will be happy to discuss payment options upon an initial visit to your property.



Why use Cobra Security?

Cobra Security has been established since 1998 and is widely recognised as a major provider of Security Services to businesses throughout the UK & Ireland.

How do I know that I am getting the best possible service?

Cobra Security takes quality standards seriously and is accredited as an Approved Contractor by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), holds National Security Institute (NSI) Gold Status, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and more…..

How do I get in touch?

Either by phone on 028 90 832383, via our Contact Form on this website or by emailing office@cobra…… (???)

When can I call someone to discuss an issue?

Anytime day or night.  Our Alarm Receiving Centre operates on a 24/7 basis so there’s always somebody to talk to if you need help or advice.

Does Cobra provide services other than security?

Yes, Cobra provides a full range of Support Services to our Clients which can be found on our website including Cleaning, Maintenance, Vacant Property Services, PAT Testing and more……

Can you provide a free consultation on our current security provision?

At Cobra we offer complimentary consultations to evaluate your current security policies, procedures and provision – helping you to understand the risks involved and how we can help improve your business’ security using our services. Fill out your details here and a member of our team will be in touch to help advise.

What security solutions do you provide?

At Cobra we tailor our security solutions to each individual business, our range of security services include CCTV monitoring, commercial and industrial security, dog security, retail security, key-holding and response, mobile support services, security training and much more. To enquire about any of our services or to find out how could could help make your business premises more secure please contact us or fill out your details here and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss.

I’m worried about my premises safety at night, how can Cobra help?

Many business owners have concerns about their premises’ safety after dark, but just do not have the manpower or facilities to protect the premises effectively – this is where outsourcing security solutions comes into play perfectly. At Cobra we have highly trained security staff who will provide random checks on your building, monitor the building and respond to any emergencies. We have a range of options to help you feel at ease leaving your premises in the evenings, contact us or fill out your details here and a member of our security solutions team will get in touch to help resolve your concerns.

Can you provide security personnel for concerts and large events?

At Cobra we have vast experience in providing security solutions for small businesses right through to huge events. If you require security personnel for a concert or large event contact us or leave your details here and a member of our staff will be in touch at your convenience to discuss.

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