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Let Cobra Help Reduce Your Business Energy Bills

When it comes to heating commercial premises, there are also great opportunities for us to help your business save money with highly efficient biomass burners, for example. Plus it’s important to remember that renewable energy is not just about saving money. It’s a viable way for your businesses to impact positively on your corporate image as an environmentally responsible organisation.

Free, Independent Energy Advice

Whatever line of business you are in, it’s possible to achieve energy savings. Cobra is here to help you achieve them. Some energy saving measures are relatively inexpensive, others require capital outlay. The point is that with the help of our energy specialists, you could slash up to 60% off your annual energy bill, generate renewable grant income and improve your carbon footprint.

The issues of rising energy costs and energy efficiency are major concerns for businesses throughout the UK. Through our free energy audit, Cobra is helping enterprises of all sizes to identify which cost saving measures and renewable technologies will work best for their business.

Your energy options

Energy saving measures are no longer restricted to improving the thermal efficiency of buildings. Our energy audit will highlight the renewable energy technologies that will work best to generate low cost/no cost electricity and help you to make significant cost savings.

For example, installing a solar PV system for electricity is a straightforward business decision. We can show you how solar PV panels will dramatically cut your commercial electricity bills and generate grant income for 20 years. This means your business gets free electricity, future proofing it against increases in electricity costs, and you will also receive payments for any unused electricity that is exported to the Grid.

Go Biomass

Cobra is not allied with any trade, organisation of product manufacturer. This means that not only is our advice impartial and unbiased, it is designed to achieve only one goal – helping you to reduce your energy costs.

All we need is a little of your time, so why not call us today to arrange your Free energy audit.